I'm not a graphic artist by profession (I'm a designer), but sometimes I wind up creating graphics for one reason or another.

Stuck with muddy thinking about design -- thesis poster

My thesis summary poster, the graphic is a pencil-on-bond sketch (without a model).

Lisa at a late-night Chinese restaurantTwo females embracing on couchHenry's shower in Casa LomaMy hand at breakfastCrystal on the floor at Dave's placeCrystal at ImagesView from library to conservatory at Casa LomaCrystal at ImagesA hand dribbling grains of sand into a bottleCrystal on the floor at Dave's

Ink-on-bond sketches. I'm don't spend enough time sketching to be good at it, I just used it to record things that strike my fancy.  These days I tend to use a camera rather than a pen.  Thanks to Lisa and Crystal for posing for their sketches (first and sixth, seventh, ninth and eleventh respectively).

Alterna ColaInsert product hereA date with  Candy Cologne

Some images created as support for certain assertions in my thesis.

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