VRML97 Node Display

Note: GLScenegraph is now long-since obsolete.  See the OpenGLContext project for the successor.

GLScenegraph is, effectively, the rendering part of the mcf.vrml library, but since the code is more general than just displaying VRML, I've split the package into it's own distribution.  GLScenegraph currently supports a fairly useful subset of VRML's nodes.  It is not an optimised large-scene renderer, but rather a straightforward system from which real systems might be created.

Here's the obligatory screenshot (note: this particular geometry is pre-lit (i.e. colour-per-vertex) stuff, and the background is mis-rendered (the sky should be a pale cyan, not blue (this is the pathological case where the sphere's points are actually inside the near clipping plane, so get excluded, it's also very common)))...

Screenshot of GLScenegraph with a simple VRML file

What is it?

General OpenGL Support

SceneGraph Objects



tar.gz file 2000/08/14 release -- to install, expand into a directory on your Python path.  You will need to have installed _all_ of the dependencies (sorry about that, but it's a rather involved system).  To test, run glscenegraph/wx/, and choose one of the demo files from the drop-down list. sphere.wrl or test_texcoord2.wrl are good first tests.

Plans (hopes)

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