Twisted Protocols for Communication with the Asterisk PBX
StarPy allows you to communicate with an Asterisk PBX using an
Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) client or a Fast Asterisk 
Gateway Interface (FastAGI) server.
The protocols are designed to be included in applications that
want to allow for multi-protocol communication using the Twisted 
protocol.  Their integration with Asterisk does not require any 
modification to the Asterisk source code (though a manager account
is obviously required for the AMI interface, and you have to 
actually call the FastAGI server from the dialplan).

Package Contents
        __init__ -- Twisted Protocols for Communication with the Asterisk PBX
error -- Collection of StarPy-specific error classes
examples (package) -- Example applications for usage of StarPy with Asterisk
fastagi -- Asterisk FastAGI server for use from the dialplan
manager -- Asterisk Manager Interface for the Twisted networking framework
menu -- IVR-based menuing system with retry, exit, and similar useful features
setup -- Installs StarPy using distutils
utilapplication -- Class providing utility applications with common support code

        __path__ = ['/home/mcfletch/pylive/starpy']