Python 3D Software Collection

Graphics (2D)

Graphics (2D)

Using 3D hardware to accelerate the layout and composition of 2D graphics has become a common practice. While not really "3D" software, these packages use the same libraries and tools as 3D software, and are often useful for generating UIs for 3D packages.
Pygame GUI Library compatible with OpenGL
Derived from a number of PyWeek entries, provides buttons, list-controls, layout tools, file dialogs, and other assorted "GUI" bits for use with Pygame-based games.
2D Rendering engine for a variety of back-ends including OpenGL
Kiva and Chaco were, at one point, part of SciPy, but they appear to have been dropped at some point. The CVS repository is still available.
Tile-based real-time strategy game using OpenGL for graphics
The project has been "frozen" for a very long time.
Advanced 3D Interface for Pyglet
Extends Pyglet with convenient abstractions for commonly used advanced OpenGL features (GLSL, FBOs, etc.)
CNRI Python
Provides 2D UI elements using PyOpenGL/GLUT
Attempts to provide a Tkinter-like 2D GUI using the cross-platform GLUT API. CVS repository seems to have been largely cleaned out and then the project abandoned.
New 2D sprite engine for PyGame written using OpenGL
Game-focused 2D graphics engine providing accelerated operations for PyGame sprite-based games. Sprites are to 2D graphics engines as scenegraphs are to 3D graphics engine, (retained-mode method of drawing figures).
2D Graphics package trying to create Director-like API
New project originally based on wxPython, now trying to generalise their API for use with other PyOpenGL-hosting GUI libraries.
2D PyGame library
Collection of modules for use in writing games with PyGame, includes an OpenGL accelerated 2D drawing library, a scenegraph-based sprite engine, and some extensions to PyGame's drawing commands.
Cross platform windowing and multimedia (game) framework in Python
Pyglet is a Python-coded library which uses ctypes to produce a portable GUI/multimedia layer that lets you write games in an OpenGL-implemented engine. It includes full bindings for a C-style OpenGL library with most extensions. Pyglet is under active development, with new frequent new features and releases.
C++ Game development platform with Python binding
2D Game development platform based on a C++ SDL sprite platform (not Pygame). Kyra includes toolchains for isometric art and the like.
2D-only CAD package written entirely in Python
Project appears to have become moribund.
2D UI Elements using (among others) OpenGL as a back-end
Game-focused 2D user interface library which can use OpenGL as its backend to provide acceleration using 3D hardware.
Large 3D and 2D rendering project using PyOpenGL
Currently unmaintained, but has Python code for a lot of interesting tasks, such as rendering a subset of SVG in OpenGL and loading various 3D file formats. Appears to use wxPython as its GUI-hosting environment.
SVG graphic display using PyOpenGL
Academic focus on user-interface design. Uses OpenGL to render (2D) SVG graphics. Considered alpha quality.
Library for creating animated PowerPoint-style presentations (with PyOpenGL)
Allows for creating animated graphics presentations using OpenGL and Python. This is AFAICT largely a research project, rather than an attempt to create a production-level tool. That said, may be suitable for various uses. This is not a PowerPoint application clone, it's a rendering engine for PowerPoint-style presentations (you must write code to generate presentations).