Python 3D Software Collection



Raytracing and radiosity tend to produce much higher-quality images than those seen in real-time environment such as OpenGL. However, that quality tends to require a great deal more processing power, so normally raytracers are not real-time renderers.
GUI for editing files for the Yafray raytracer
XML-editing GUI for tweaking Yafray data-files. Appears to call out to the Yafray renderer in order to provide various views within the application.
Raytracing engine with experimental Python binding
Apparently abandoned (inactive) project with a python binding marked experimental in early 2000
Minimalistic Raytracer with a Python Translation
Poetic form raytracer (short, elegant) that includes translations to a number of languages, has a shed-skin version that is many times faster than the pure-Python implementation. Reads in model definition files and kicks out image files. A radiosity/global-illumination renderer.
Generation of POVRay files from Python
Textual generator for producing POVRay files from Python code. Written as a recipe in the Python cookbook. Includes sample code for a few scenes. All of the sample code I can see uses something akin to "immediate mode" in that it renders directly to the file, rather than creating a graph first and then rendering out to the file.
Text-mode editor w/ previews for the POV raytracer
Basically a text editor with syntax highlighting Also has automatic insertion of common elements and property configuration. "In short WinPov for Linux"
"Open Source" (unspecified)
C++ raytracer with Python binding
Raytracer with what looks like a fairly extensive Python binding (with some limitations on the type of extending you can do with Python). Focus appears to be on "script" writing (similar to VPython) with nodes similar to those seen in any of the scenegraph engines.
Python + Numeric raytracer for platonic solids
Appears to be an early project to produce a raytracer