Python 3D Software Collection



3D Tools will often embed Python as a scripting environment. This allows the Python programmer to use the facilities of the tool for generating/altering 3D content.
GUI for editing files for the Yafray raytracer
XML-editing GUI for tweaking Yafray data-files. Appears to call out to the Yafray renderer in order to provide various views within the application.
3D Modeler with Python scripting support
Full-featured tool with a rather non-standard interface (for those accustomed to main-line tools such as 3DSMax or Maya). Provides a free-software 3D Modeling/animation tool. Python scripting is extensive. Supports VRML97 output via a Python plug-in.
Editor for BZFlag game files
Generation of POVRay files from Python
Textual generator for producing POVRay files from Python code. Written as a recipe in the Python cookbook. Includes sample code for a few scenes. All of the sample code I can see uses something akin to "immediate mode" in that it renders directly to the file, rather than creating a graph first and then rendering out to the file.
Polygonal geometry editor/converter
Project uses SSG via C++, not at the moment scriptable using Python, but has been in the past and plans to be in the future.