Memo-Message-Koan of Sara

Yes, little One?
All go well?
Deep thought... ":)"
Hmm, strange, houses look so house-like, wouldn't have guessed it.
Paint is key, oft'times.
Key paint
Paint key.
Messy lock.
Marked burglars.
You feel good about the shoot?
Satified with your contribution?
Happy with your job?
Future and path look bright?
Good vibes streaming in?
I'm a firm believer in the right to soak in hot water.
It's all part of the koan.
Memos being the koan of the business world.
Uncertainty is the engine of that same world.
Without it, the labour force becomes sure of their skills
Demands too much...
I don't know.  (Also part of the koan)
Memo-koan of management
Wasn't a comment on your sex life.
Was stating that lack of knowledge is part of the koan.
I believe you've mentioned him on a few occasions
assuming that there is an objective reality
which includes the concept of shared linear observation in time.
or understood as much as possible in this world.
Living there, frozen northern land
I would think you were used to hard labour... 
lumberjacks and fur-traders, fishermen and farmers...
Time warps...
4 hours sleeping in 16 hours of the job, were they coincident?
Tough question without linear time or shared perspective.
Hmm... we still haven't answered question of the moment.
To bathe, or not to bathe.
The still-unanswered query.
Potentials in the morning
Frustrations before dawn
Whether is better to sink beneath the soapy waves...
Contracts of verbal nature.  Dirt expunged or encased
Cocoon of blankets
Hope renewed.
Scent of flowers in the morning?
Allergies upon the night's demise.
Scent of stage-paint
Dark flourish as the lights fade
The roar of the crowd
The thrill of the spoken word.
We played
Models of wars
Aggression channeled
Modulated and ordered to be socially acceptable.
Yet derided by society.
Would you join such games, little morning-dove?
Morning gull, bobbing on the rainbow water?
Point escapes.
Crickets drown in soapy water.
Ah, embrace death then.
Sleep well, little cricket dove of spring.
Upon my windshield.

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This work is Copyright (c) Mike Fletcher 2002