Mom's Away

Mom's away the kids will play
While away the winter day
Eating jello drinking pop
Nothing could make us stop
For her back is turned to us
She can't yell or make a fuss
End of day she'll come back
Then we'll have to hit the sack
Pretend we lay abed all day
Feverish foreheads burned away

Oh momma can you make us soup
Not that icky store-bought goop
Something thick with pasta shapes
Maybe 'tatoes size of grapes
Maybe something sweeter too
Let our stomaches settle to
We your over-heated kids
With diseases not yet rid

Maybe we could watch tee vee
We might have strength mightn't we
We heard that it's good for you
To bathe in light of sickly blue
Momma where's the clicker gone
We want to watch the rerun Fonz
Could you get us jello blue
With marshmallows and peeled grapes too
Oh, will that take too long
Don't worry momma we'll hold on

Our fevers are so fierce high
Headaches make us want to sigh
Oh mom perhaps we need another
Day the flu to get from under
Oh look, I'm babbling what a sign
It could be our ending time
Give my toys to little sis'
If she survives and I miss

Lying here on my death bed
Its your love comes to my head
We don't need soup or jello bowls
Though they might our health control
But wait that smell is calling me
Thick stew made from the darkling tree
You've saved us both mother dear
Please bring a bowl to us here
We can barely stand you know
It may be many days to go
But with a little loving care
We may make it through the scare

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This work is Copyright (c) Mike Fletcher 2006