My Pages

Was I just a teacher to her
Sometimes I must wonder
Remembering the calls
Where I was just a reference
Some large musty book upon a shelf
Brought down to answer questions
Maybe check the bindings
Apply a bit of gaffer's tape
Slip me back into the dust

What pages do I have
What questions have been asked
Whether to make career leaps
What makes a gift too cheap
How to make a woman scream
With a simple waving hand
Strategies for family harmony
With battle plans and plots
Dealing with co-workers
Building better serving 'bots

Bound in my old cloth and cardboard
I'm back upon the shelf for good
My paper heart's conflicted on that
Not knowing whether it was real
Or whether she was just book-ending
I'm not being used, at least
But alas, I'm not being used.

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This work is Copyright (c) Mike Fletcher 2005