My Simple Heart

Ah, the perfect day she'd know
Where children laugh and lillies grow
Long afternoons of buzzing trees
Of kissing little one's scraped knees

In my mind I page back through
Love notes yellowed on paper blue
Sharing dreams simple and mundane
With girls I'll never see again
Should I resurrect old stories
Of epicurean life and glories
Maybe crib the sheets in full
My gentler heart resists that pull

What dreams do I dream today
They are the same perhaps I say
Curling up on an old-soft couch
In a party-quiet house's pouch
Children abed with happy smiles
Lover's eyes sparking future miles
My chest knows only simple truth
Family gathered and friends sooth
For that simple dreamer it's enough
To be with the people that it loves

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This work is Copyright (c) Mike Fletcher 2006