She was Beautiful

She was beautiful
Long hair, red, henna
For me, I think, maybe
Laughing, amused at cliche in her alternate man
Soft and cool, on love-flushed skin
The passion made her beautiful
Not that particular cliche, woman and sex
A different passion
Electricity snapping from fingers
Joy in understanding
Bouncing around the room
Long legs
Graceful leaps
Ideas flashing in blue-gray eyes
Burning with the dawning light
She was different
The intelligence more organic
Less crystalline
Stronger in many ways
Less given to fracturing
More given to fracturing crystal
No life in fractured crystal shards
Different ideas of growth
Can we grow as humans
Frost on window panes inching forward
Long debates
Ivy collapsing ancient walls
Eternal springing trickster
Lying together
Heady intoxication of ideas
Inevitable love hangover

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This work is Copyright (c) Mike Fletcher 2002