The Folly of Loving All

Done it again you distant lout
Too-clever words thought little out
Seeking not but clever turn
To draw the laughter out
Be clearer in your speech
Or why speak in structured notes?

Love is the hope of the universe
It is what allows our hearts to bind
Love the wonder and potential
Of the limitless future worlds
Love the blazing sun on green fields
Love fathers walking with their babies
Love quiet conversations in cafes
Love the babble of languages
On the crowded noonday street
Love the pounding rain on your face
Love the blistering sand upon your feet
Love the seething complexity
Of strings in twelve dimensions
Twisting all that we can see

There is tragedy and loss here
Death stands behind every door
Cruel and stupid people mill around
Intent on some destructive war
Yet hold hope in your troubled heart
Hope is a gentle flame I know
But something has to melt the ice
Antipathy and hatred cannot stand
If we are to untie the warring land
Spring must come and ice-jams break
The power and potential of humanity
Must be remembered and brought forth
To crack the veils of hatred wroth
We must cling to the nobless of man
To the wonder and majesty we are
Or risk an uncaught fall into the dust

And as for you dear sun-lit reader
Why assume the darkest tone
Have I so often been in earnest
That my jests are falling down
I've written odes to thank you
For your kind and gentle words
Perhaps I am too distant
In my cold and far-off land
That every word intended
Warps with ice and halts your heart
Relax, I've no plans to drop you
Upon the frozen ground
Just because another reader
Likes the patter of words' sound

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This work is Copyright (c) Mike Fletcher 2006