The Second December

The divided brain, left and right, the classical ideal
Why don't I seem to follow this ideal
What high-school was like
Where in the world is Carmen Sandiago & Friends
Little dictators of the world club
Dramatics and the role of a cashier
World according to Beckett
Rocking chairs
Dream of architecture, the universal man
The interview, the insult and the show
The woman, the ideal and the hope
Navigating in strange and hostile worlds
The logician's approach.
Art by numbers.
Playground bullies and the Zen of Weaklings
How I was never a good student of the Eastern Religions
Long, Slow, Diving, Twisting, Turning, Deadly Crash
And visits to the woman
Crash continued
Last project
Snake that wasn't born.
Walk "home"
Summer travels
Discovery of the secret of critique
Secret of success in architecture
Stated in the first lecture
Attractions of insanity
Edge of existance
Lost woman
End of an era
and the ache of the heart.

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This work is Copyright (c) Mike Fletcher 1994