To Fix Warm Words

To bring light back to this world
Requires a philosophy you have
In the past rejected out of hand

To love the universe in whole
To see the patterns playing out
Behind each care-wrought face
To love them for their frailties
For their base and unkempt passions
But most for their higher nature
Deep behind those dark walls
High courts where flowers bloom
Unseen past the masonry and wire
Hope and fidelity to fellow men
Purple crocuses in winter's grass
Caring and compassion budding
A wish that Winter's end is soon

The world we see with weary eyes
Is a tired, cold and wasted land
If we would warm that world
We must see past the twisted metal
With our fresh and unused hearts
From that first act stream the smiles
The words, and the actions to break
Sullen Winter's desperate hold

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This work is Copyright (c) Mike Fletcher 2006