Programme of the 25th Annual Symposium on Sadism in Design

Need of need, boredom and excitement in design

From the purist attacks of half a century ago, to the establishment of the Institute for the Study of Sadism in Design (IISinD) 25 years ago, sadism has been recognised as a major force in design and design theory. This year's symposium offers three keynote speakers examining the three major sub-fields of sadism currently recognised within the community.

Dr. J. Ruth will speak on her research in the fields of challenge, stimulation and arousal in design. Dr. Ruth's work has pioneered deep into the territory previously forbidden the designer, the link between the frustration and increased satisfaction and interest. Because of her work, it is now possible to justify the creation of sadistic design in terms of satisfaction, something which, although known by the designers of ancient times, has now been proved scientifically. A giant in the field, Dr. Ruth's presentation promises to be informative.

Dr. P. Ruth will speak on his findings linking masochism and mental health. Dr. Ruth's theories, considered cutting-edge (or heretical) by many, has posited that frustration and challenge are not merely beneficial, but required for the survival of human beings. Linking stressor-theory to sadism, Dr. Ruth has argued that it is through frustration that the organism develops and trains itself for more serious challenges, that without a certain minimal stress-level (a minimal amount of sadism), subjects are incapable of interest in design, and that, in general, without an element of sadism, there is no motivation for the creation of elements or environments. Controversial and fast-paced, Dr. Ruth's presentation is likely to bring down the house.

E. Ruth, professional mystic, will lead the group in a hug-in to end the conference. Ruth is noted world-wide as a leading motivational speaker in the cause of sadism. Her message that it is only through challenges which force us to think and ponder that we come to understand the meaning of our lives, and that this understanding is fundamental part of understanding, and thereby coping with, our environment, has been largely responsible for the turnabout in public opinion towards sadism in design. Contemplative and soul-expanding, this message has been explained numerous times by academics, but few can give it the power of the original author. Bring your own first-aid kits.

As usual, you can obtain registration information from IISinD's web-site (if you can find it), and we hope to see you at the greatest celebration of sadism ever (handcuffs provided at the door).

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