Questions of Judgement and Subtlety

The importance of subtlety and judgement in landing a city feller

You're wearing that? No, no, nothing wrong with it, but didn't you have a date with that city fella tonight? Well, you don't wear that kinda thing for a date with a city boy. He ain't no neighbourhood boy. That's the kind of outfit you wear with Hank down the road who couldn't get an idea if it swum up his arse. You're goin with a city boy, you gotta think about dressing for a city boy.

That makeup, it's gotta go. He's a city boy, he sees makeup every day. He ain't gonna be impressed that you got red lips, he'll expect that you have nature-like red lips, that he can't tell you got any lipstick on, go get my makeup, no, not yours, mine, all yours are country stuff, I've got some city stuff in there. Get that gunk off your face while you're there. No. I don't wear it around here, what's the point, use the cheap stuff on your father, he stopped caring ages ago. Yeah, it'll work on them, sorta, they pick up on it after awhile, but it's just so much easier to slap on the red.

Here, you see, almost your skin colour, but deeper and darker. No, don't just smear it on, you paint it on. When's he coming? Good, we've got time then. Here. Let me do it. You see, sculpt them, like this. Yes, they notice, those city boys, they see this every day. Now, look at this, blend the colours in, you see, it's not about red cheeks, it's about hollow cheeks, cheekbones, and gently in through here, see how it changes your face? It's not just something you put on, it's part of you, it all works together.

Yes, it would work on them. I told you that. As long as you have a good overall effect, it gets to any man, eventually, but some men have lower thresholds than others. If they're around a lot of women who look after themselves every day, their resistance wears down, they start seeing it more. If you're really good, you can make it so that both of them get it about the same level. I saw a model once, she'd done it. There was this kind of irony in it, or something, like she was giving the country folk exactly what they wanted, but she did it so the city folk thought it was some sort of statement or something. No, I can't do that, why, you planning on seeing Hank later tonight too? Why bother trapping two men, what are you gonna do with both of them? Watch a fist-fight?

Okay, now, go get your white dress. Yes, the plain one, no, the one with no back. No. Cleavage isn't gonna help you tonight. You've got to have a balance of messages, the front says "I'm a good girl." It's the back that makes him wonder. Go, girl, trust me, we haven't got much time.

Oh, yes, that's it. Here. Let's get that hair down. Trust me, they're really subtle these city boys. Your tits ain't anything new to him, but there ain't a city-boy alive that can resist a naked back that's hidden by long hair. And if you toss your head like this. No, it doesn't look like anything on me, it only works with long hair. Right, see, you just left your neck exposed. That'll drive him crazy. No, I don't know why, it just does. He'll be here any moment. I'll put away this stuff.

Here, take this, no, put whatever you'll need tonight in it. You've got protection? These city boys move fast. Good, money for a cab? Good. Okay, now sit down, relax, pretend like you've been waiting for a while. And when he comes, let your father get it. Yes, your father, he was a city boy once, he knows all the drills, even if he doesn't get to use them around here much. Stop wringing your hands, and smile, no, delicate, just turn up your... okay, he's here. Remember, you've got a whole new audience tonight, make sure you put on a show for him, and not Hank, okay?

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This work is Copyright (c) Mike Fletcher 1997