Sensitive Materials

This section introduces concepts required by the perceptual model proposed in Toolboxes and Treasure-chests. The concepts include:

  • Perceptual fields: the unification of experience as abstract fields of "data" that are created over time, and which may include both raw perceptual information (the information returned from our senses), and higher-level thoughts and ideas.
  • "Instinctual" pattern recognition: humans are able to recognise patterns in their perceptual fields. Although these patterns are built on top of each other, there must be some instinctually recognisable pattern(s) on which all other patterns are based. The problem is outside the scope of this project, and isn't of much practical use to the designer. An alternate definition is proposed.
  • Models of memory, knowledge and experience are not widely agreed upon. A functionally targeted model of the storage of knowledge is proposed. It ignores the low-level implementation of the mechanisms and focuses on the results that the designer can use to anticipate reactions to design.
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The Senses and Perceptual Fields
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