Filtering and Abstraction of the Perceptual Field

Double See: Big brother takes over our senses

Researchers at IPADD announced today that our perceptual systems are, in the main, controlled by our expectations. They outlined a nightmare scenario where the evidence of our senses is systemically altered to provide information that lets us find precisely what we want to find within the perceptual fields provided by our senses. Although alarmists have posited control of this nature for years, starting with the notorious Gestalt Psychologists in the 20's and 30's, it is only with IPADD's confirmatory reports that concern has hit the mainstream of society.

IPADD outlined two significant methods of alteration entrenched in the perceptual mechanisms of the average person. They describe them as quantitative and qualitative filtering, but don't let these seemingly innocuous names lull you into complacency. They are sinister ploys by powers unknown to sterilise our senses and lull us into a false sense of security.

The first method, quantitative filtering, is, while considered a dark secret, known and accepted by a significant portion of the population as a necessary evil. Quantitative filtering alters the perceptual fields so they are more easily processed during pattern matching by altering the intensity and contrast of the fields and elements within them. This colouring of the senses by expectations, prejudices and emotional or physical conditions of the person is understood to be part of the human condition, though generally considered part of the more base nature of humanity.

The second method, qualitative filtering, is that which is causing a fervour. Generally rejected by the populace at large, the process of qualitative filtering adds, subtracts, or alters information in the visual field to make perception match expected patterns. At its lowest level, it causes us to assume missing information where there is no information available, but where the missing information would allow us to identify a pattern that we understand. Where it becomes a public concern, is when people, in order to make sense of their environment, actively ignore information that is available to them, or generate information that they know to be false.

No one is safe. The enemy has control of our very senses. There is nothing to do but panic. We are puppets, toyed with by powers unknown. Abandon all hope ye who enter here. But do try to look on the bright side.

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