Golden Number/Ratio/Section


The golden section is an irrational ratio of approximately 1:1.618 . It is known (through experiments in the early part of this century by []Fechner) that ratios similar to this are preferred in reclining rectangles by a considerable portion of the population. The reason the golden section is attractive is not known. Theories include; (Borissavlievitch, 1958)

  • geometric concordance
  • cosmic significance
  • the balanced and restful nature of the ratio
  • relation to growth patterns and natural proportions

Mathematically, the golden number is the limit of an additive series described by the equation a/b = b/(a+b).

Geometrically, the golden section is constructed through a number of transformations, but the simplest is to take a square and scribe an arc centred on the centre of one of the sides through one of the opposing corners and the line extending the side. Extending the square to the intersection of line and arc creates a golden-section rectangle.

[]Le Modulor

Mystic Proportions

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