Feng Shui, Cosmic Numerology and Other Traditional Proportional Systems

These proportional systems often incorporate other common proportional systems, and illustrate an integrated view of proportion, and mysticism. The proportions of a building can be read with these systems to determine the spiritual "meaning" and "value" of the building.

[]Feng Shui is based on the module of a (doubled) tatami mat, and a number of rules governing the placement of elements within a building. The discussion of the various elements of []Feng Shui are far beyond the scope of this project.

Cistercians, Gothic, Renaissance, Ancients: Egyptian, Semitic, Babylonian, Arab, Greek, Roman -- Harmonic proportions, human proportions, cosmology and astronomy, sacred geometry ([]Vesica Piscis, Pentagram, Golden Sections, Small Whole-number Ratios)

Meso-American -- Astronomy

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