Similarity of Attribute or Form


Motif, theme and pattern are different ways of saying the same thing. A definition that is shared by a group of elements. The motif defines features that are common to all elements that match the pattern. The features can include "internal relations" when the elements being considered are "figures" (composite elements), and they can include the inherent attributes of an element.

The features available for inclusion in a motif, when we consider attributes detectable by all the senses as well as all possible differentiations in thought, are unlimited. When we add the ability to create motifs based on the Furthermore, motif can be based on the quantitative value of an attribute, with the level of discernment determining the granularity used to develop motifs.

Centrally Focused Forms - Spheres, Circles, Parabolic Arches

Tripartite Elements - Classical buildings, divided rectangle, RC Christian Trinity

Big Things - Pyramids, Mountains, Multinational Corporations

Hierarchically Organised Institutions - RC Christian Church, Military, Class Systems

Revolutionary Scientific Discoveries - Earth Around Sun (Galileo), Matter and Energy are Interchangeable (Einstein), Controlled Creation of Fire

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