"Safe" Creation

of Checking

Games often require rules to ensure the safety of the players. Often these rules make the game possible. They give the players a chance to predict the actions of their opponents, to guess how to react to a move. The rules increase the efficiency with which the user can guess at the value of a move. The rules are a model of how to deal with an environment, and order underlying a phenomenon. The user is given a chance to succeed. They are faced with the possibility of failure.

Safe creative systems work on a similar principle. They restrict the movements of the player to prevent disastrous results, and they make it possible for the creator to rapidly navigate through the possible results of a design problem.

Modular apartment furnishings.

Game as a road-map for exploration, Ritualistic exploration, development of the game takes the user through the important ideas of the environment, by understanding the rules, the user can predict the ideas which will be developed.

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