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Why should you sell your soul to the devil? Why should you explore a project that has admitted to being that most heinous of evils, design theory, and worse, design theory that embraces that spawn of slavery and aesthetics, the terror that is perceptual psychology?

First, we do not require that you become a theoretician or (fires forbid!), a psychologist. The goal of the Tools for Souls®Note#4 project is to provide powerful tools for designers based on design theory and psychology. What do we get out of it? We have reached an agreement with a bloc of theorists and psychologists, where, in return for making their work useful to some large section of the population, we gain their immortal souls. We like nothing better than juicy, psychologist souls served with a side-order of theorists.

Still a little sour taste in your mouth, moral qualms?

  • Picture conversing intelligently and coherently with any intelligent person about the power of your design, why they should buy it, how they can help you build it, what elements are essential to it and what is negotiable, and how the whole project works. Picture doing this with the most obscure and "impulsive" designs, the most emotional, the most playful. (Well, no. It won't help sell bad designs. But read on. We can help you make them better!)
  • Picture pulling apart your designs and understanding why they are or aren't working. Picture fixing problems without worrying about losing some "unknown" quality. Picture understanding.
  • Picture communicating in a critique, understanding the critic, and responding intelligently. Picture constructive critique.
  • Picture having a collection of the powerful tools used through the ages at your fingertips, readily accessible, explained and mastered.
  • Picture a collection of treasures, nuggets and gems to craft into your work, to break a dry spell, and to compare against your work.
  • Picture finding new tools and treasures yourself. Picture having them become the tools of all the generations that follow.

Now snap out of it. The fact is that you might not get any of this just by reading this tutorial. We can't give you everything (even when there's a psychologist soul on the line). There is a lot of thought involved in using these toolsNote#5, but it is that type of thought that you are likely quite good at, the recognition of patterns and their combinations. So, if you are willing to learn, and swallow a few qualms, we are willing to have a nice psychologist for dinner and call it even.

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