About Unification and Systemisation in Design Theory

The Myth of Creation

The purpose of the Toolboxes and Treasure-chests project is to provide a unified and systematised understanding of design theory to make the field a useful tool for the practising designer and the student of design.

  • This section proposes a definition for design for use within the project.
  • The sources of information used in the project are outlined; perceptual and environmental psychology, and the historic schools of design theory and practice. The basic problems facing these disciplines are briefly outlined. Previous attempts at unification in design theory are introduced.
  • The problems facing an attempt at unifying design theory, particularly through perceptual psychology, are presented, and rebutted or outweighed. The problems solved by the project are outlined, and the pattern of the solution is outlined.
  • The restrictions and assumptions on and of the project are introduced; focus on architectural design, assumption of create-critique (refining) model of design, limitation of discussion to the generation and critique of form.
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