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The Unification and Systemisation of Design Theory to make it a Useful Tool for Designers

This is not a traditional thesis project. This project is for students of design. It is difficult, challenging, and potentially dangerous. You may get lost. The project is a designed work, targeted at a particular audience, and you may find that it has missed you, that you do not appreciate the particular forms presented or the content of the presentation. This is a shortcoming of the thesis. In attempting to create a powerful experience for the user, the user must be modelled, predicted and addressed in the design. The model, prediction and address may not fit you.

  • What are you going to find? The thesis is a field of "elements." Each element may or may not be formally "connected" with the ideas around it. What differentiates the thesis from most modern collage is the order which organises these pieces. This thesis is a positivist work. There is a single, coherent message here. This is at odds with the modern penchant for nihilism. Although the form is similar to modern nihilistic works, where it is enough merely to experience the work, this project offers holistic understanding. You could, of course, merely experience the project like any other, but it is our hope that you will be able to use these tools to help you design.
  • No, really, what is it? The thesis is a virtual reality 'space.' This space houses 'exhibits,' and is divided into topic galleries. The skeletal theory of the project is presented through alternative texts, myths, stories, plays, newspaper articles, legal documents and the like. The collections of tools, approaches and ideas not central to understanding the project are presented in mixed media exhibits.
  • Where do you start? If you are exploring the project on paper, just flip the page. If you are exploring the virtual reality version, proceed to the entry court explore the documents there. Core theory exhibits are marked with a red toolbox. Other exhibits use forms appropriate to their topic.
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