Of Crime

The drive to culture through asceticism

He tells us it is crime. We must outgrow this fetish for ornamentation. Savages He calls us. We know He is right. Great Man. The logic is there, but we are weak. How is he satisfied? We are children, educate us Great Man. Where is the beauty? Where is hope? Where is memory in this world of purity, world without life? world without hope? world without us?

Children, savages, wastrels all! Listen to my words. Listen to the world laid at your feet. Step up to the new world, the world of the future. Ornament is crime. Ornament is erotica. Ornament is degeneracy, suitable only for the lower orders of mankind. The only excuse for ornament is to support the lower orders. Those who would be fully moral, fully adult, fully alive, must abandon all that is ornament.

Ornament is waste. Wasted time. Wasted energy. Wasted materials. Wasted lives. The moral person cannot abide the waste of life, the squandering of resources, the inefficiency of waste. Does ornament feed you? Does ornament keep you warm? Does ornament keep off the rain? Ornament is waste! The beauty of simplicity is its economy, its efficiency, its restraint and thrift.

Ornament hides structure. Ornament frustrates use. Ornament distracts and detracts from substance. Ornament is a lie hiding the great truth of the solution. The solution is a beauty unto itself. An order rising directly from the needs of the user, an understandable pattern if there weren't ornament occluding it. Ornament is lead wrapping gold. Folly thwarting wisdom. The beauty of simplicity is its forthrightness, its truth, its honesty.

Cast off even these half-hearted attempts as you create now. Believing that ornament might express structure. Believing that a frill might denote the powerful forces which flow through a member. This is rhetoric. Expansion beyond what is required. Waste. Waste is evil. All ornament is evil. All that is not required is to be eliminated. All that is not true is false. All that is not structure is ornament. All that is ornament is evil. All that would include ornament are evil, children, savages, degenerates.

Speak not of satisfaction. Structure is satisfaction. Ornament is crime. Logic is life. Beauty is structure. Beauty is order. Hope is order. Memory is order. Life is structure. Ornament is crime.

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