Deep Body

Physical Depth Examined

The mystery of the body. The body is itself. That is, a collection of organs and systems that somehow manage to live, to move, to react. We may understand it, and appreciate it for the great order and complexity of its creation. The secrets, the wonders locked within it, or expressed on its surface, are many and fair, and cannot be easily neglected. We may learn much from its subtlety and power. We may revel in its wonders. We might marvel at its beauty, and these characteristics may lead us beyond contentment of the moment to a sublime knowledge. But the way is hard, transcending the obvious, discovering the hidden in the exposed, it is the path of the strong.

The body is a mirror of a greater reality. These forms we see, feel, and hear are the mirror of the purpose that has created them, hidden now, hinted at in the orders and disorders of the forms. Often the hints, the whispers of this lost order are found, not in the sensations of the body, but in the interstices, the gaps between information, the element that is almost right, but not quite. Every missing piece of information leads us to wonder at the purpose, every lost element makes us search for a greater purpose, a deeper reality.

To understand the mystery of the body is, perhaps, a simple task, to explore it, a lifelong one.

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