Associations with the Organic and the Curvaceous

Beauty and the Beast

Organic patterns are easily recognised and have extremely complex associations. The patterns themselves are normally symmetrical and ordered, but they are not so simple as to be boring. Complex curves, and shifting patterns of musculature offer infinite variety and subtle possibilities. Organic patterns, however, have a far greater weight of association than these effect could explain.

Organic patterns have been key parts of our environments through history and prehistory. To understand our environment, we need to understand the active elements within it, and primarily those active elements have been organic in form. Successfully detecting food, danger, or potential mates all requires rapid processing and accurate interpretation of organic forms. More commonly in modern society, is the need to correctly model the internal condition of another human through reading their facial expressions, but the same skills are required. Modern society has also "tamed" associations with the organic, channelling associations into socially acceptable expressions.

Finally, organic patterns are common. Throughout our lives, we are exposed to these patterns, and develop associations based on our experiences with them. These become the part of the personal or shared experiences of the user.

"Organic" Forms, Sharp and Smooth, plenty, satiation

"Curve of Beauty", Organic complexity, potential sexual partners

Attack by animals, heights

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