Charismatic Design

Magic of the Human

Charismatic design is the use of a person's life as the source of information for developing depth and details in a project. It plays on the natural human interest in other humans as well as the more mundane effects of depth common to all generative systems. To take advantage of the charismatic effects, of course, the person being used as a source should generally have some charisma. Whether this charisma is "positive" or not is immaterial, many are fascinated by the life of Hitler or mass-murderers.

Alternatively, charismatic design can rely on the story of the person's life, as opposed to the person themselves. This allows the designer to use the mechanisms of storytelling and development that are available in the person's life.

Use of client's lives as source for creation -- impressions during interviews, visits to client homes

Critiques which talk about how an author was breaking up with his wife as he wrote this paragraph, and how this has coloured the views of the character.

Analysis of Art based on the Life of the Creator

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