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For a designer sitting at a drafting board, the process of creation is often the most readily available source of complexity for inclusion in their projects. What if the building is a metaphor for the design of a building? Won't the people be fascinated to know how designing is done? It's so interesting.

Occasionally the bet pays off, but it is a tough call. Few clients are themselves designers, so the chance that they will identify directly with the source that's been chosen is remote. On the other hand, the creative process can include a considerable number of "global" experiences, frustration, passion, exultation, late nights, tension, and the like.

By playing with the original data extensively, the designer can abstract the system beyond recognition, so that the user will be able to associate the project with whatever is uppermost in their minds.

The other major problem of developing designs based on the design process or other designs is the problem of inbreeding. Since the ideas have already been included in the design process, the chances are that the project will lack "freshness," that it will seem like a pale imitation of other designs. Or possibly the designer will manage to crystallise all knowledge of the concepts into a gem-like stone the beauty of which can never be equalled.

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Roman Statues, the marks of the chisel

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