Generators and Organisers

Generators and organisers are patterns that may be detected by the user. These patterns also serve as tools for the creator to develop "detail" or "depth" during the design process. Generators and organisers not immediately perceivable in the final design create "hidden" orders. The user can detect the presence of order in the environment, but cannot discern the source of that order. Hidden orders are the root concept of "depth," and play with the user's need to understand their environment.

Splitting the creative process into generative and organisational phases is an assumed working method within this project, but it is not a clear distinction. With more rigorous application of generative schemes and more systemic methods of generating depth, the generator can create "order." Similarly, it is possible to use one of the "ordering schemes" as a "first step" in the design, elements on which to build, and against which to react.

A grid, normally an organisational scheme, can become a datum from which ideas are generated. The grid is an idea that can be played with and transformed like any other.

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