Depth as a Recognisable Pattern

Forests for the Trees

The user is able to recognise the existence of depth, without understanding the nature of the depth. The user can classify an element which as "unknown," and continue to explore their environment without needing to explore the recognised depth. This ability to classify elements according to their type is further refined, so that users can determine if a "deep" element belongs to certain types of "safe" depth, by locating features which mark particular types of depth, or whether the deep element must be dealt with in order to know how to deal with the environment. Safe depth is a type of depth which is known, and is not considered dangerous. The deep elements become a figure of "depth."

Patterns of depth and simplicity can be set up, just as can other figure-ground patterns. The development of patterns of unknown and known over time is the root of storytelling. The unknown is made known, and predictable by the patterns.

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