Form Interrelations and Alterations (Physical)

Constructivism and Composition

Physical relationships are commonly identified with a limited set of "standard" relations. These relations are easily understood, and easily defined. Constructivism is known for exploring these simple relationships consistently through projects, allowing the user to use them as metaphors for whatever ideas were foremost in their minds. This works because the relations have been associated with a large number of things throughout the user's life. This leaves the relation substantially disenfranchised from meaning. There is no single necessary reaction, just that most relevant when the user encounters the elements.

Touching, Almost Touching

Layering, Obscuring, Revealing; []Eisenman, Windows, Frames, Japanese Gardens, Mirrored Skyscrapers

Penetrating, Punching, Piercing

Subtracting, Adding, Intersecting

Pushing, Pulling, Compressing, Distorting

Clustering and Cores, Pinwheels, Spirals Crosses (Greek-cross Churches), Intersections, []Hagia Sophia

Closed, Almost Closed

Surrounding, Engulfing

Axial, Radial

Stepped, Tiered

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