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The plot exposed

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Persian Kitty


Bengal Tiger


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Informing you this date status project null-art. Introduction agents into target population success. Preliminary results positive. No unforeseen difficulties. Proceed ProjDistVis immediate.


Project null-art has been successfully initiated. The cleansing of the target has been initiated through the introduction of the agreed-upon infectious agents. The propagation of the agent through the population is proceeding at a rate higher than predicted, but still within project parameters. Preliminary results are positive. Samplings taken from segments of affected population show a marked decrease in legibility, and a marked tendency toward compositionalism. Lab results peg figure at approximately 20%. Desired side effects are trivial to marked positive, ability of work to effect discontent has been dramatically reduced. Recognisable features are ambiguous.

No difficulties in deployment anticipated, infected targets within population seeding agent faster than plan. Suggest commencement Project Distance Vision at earliest deployment window.

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