Sensual Experiences as Generators

Sensuous experiences are primarily used to generate physical depth in support of some desired association. The creator decides what experience they would like the user to undergo, possibly mapping out the sequences and transitions between experiences. By focusing on the user's experience of the element, the designer is able to create a high-impact design with little work that is "extraneous" to the designed purpose.

"Pure" sensualist design is often associated with "substandard" work and "empty glitz." This is because, in many sensualist designs, those elements not considered part of the user's experience are left in a substandard condition. In large part this can be alleviated by organisational techniques to insure that all elements have been adequately developed. Of course, this isn't "pure" experiential design any more.

Sensualist design is populist. It seldom challenges the user intellectually, and is characterised by instant gratification. When combined with extremely complex intellectual depth, resulting designs can be made to "work" on completely different levels.

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