Python 3D Software Collection



Rendering arbitrary fonts is a non-trivial task. These libraries attempt to make it possible (or easy) to render fonts into your 3D environment. Some allow for "3D" text (i.e. text which is rendered as primitives) others render to textures to be applied to geometry.
Creates 3D objects for Poser(R) from Truetype(R) Fonts Lets you enter a string of text and saves it out as .obj files.
2D Font rendering library (wrapper) using FreeType
Provides a very simple API to render directly into a (Py)OpenGL context
TTF Font querying, including outline extraction for 3D text
Originally part of OpenGLContext, TTFQuery builds on top of FontTools to provide a cross-platform mechanism which can read TTF Font files and extract from them the metrics required to render fonts in 3D (as is done in OpenGLContext). Also includes primitive font finding/matching code.